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Get Ready for The Big Game with These Tasty Treats

Get ready for the Big Game with these tasty treats

Having people over for the Big Game this Sunday? No matter who you’re rooting for, you’ll be sure to win your guests over with these delicious, football inspired treats!

Cupcakes with football turf icing
Championship Chocolate Cupcakes

Take your chocolate cupcakes to the next level by giving them a makeover to match the football field. These cupcakes are easy to make and are sure to impress your guests!

Makes: 24 Cupcakes

Time: 45 minutes

Link to recipe:

Football Brownies with white icing
Fudgy Football Brownies

What’s better than brownies? Football shaped brownies! Follow the made-from-scratch recipe below or use boxed brownie mix to save a little time!

Makes: about 10 football brownies (or 48 brownie rectangles)

Time: 50 minutes

Link to recipe:

Pretzel with rolo and red white and blue M & M S (patriot) Pretzel
Patriot Pretzel Bites

You’ll only need three easy ingredients to make this simple yet tasty treat: Rollos Candy, M&M’s, and pretzel squares! The sweet and salty combination makes for the perfect fan fuel!

Makes: 15-20 pretzel bites

Time: 15 minutes

Link to recipe:

Popcorn with brown and red M & MS Falcons popcorn
Falcon Fan Popcorn

Another sweet and salty snack that’s sure to please Falcons fans. Filled with marshmallow and chocolaty goodness, this popcorn might not make it past the first quarter!

Makes: 10 cups of popcorn

Time: 20 minutes

Link to recipe:

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