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Tips for a Harmonious Home

Whether you’re putting your house up for sale or just looking to give your home a fresh look, it can be difficult to know where to start! As a seller, staging can help your home to stand out among the competition. To help you get started, we met with Design Consultant Lorraine Carter with Summit Construction, who gave us some insider tricks of the trade she uses for staging.

In her role, Lorraine helps to create user friendly floorplans that are family adaptive, bringing harmony to each of the floorplans for that “right-at-home” feel.

With her years of experience in the decorating and home interior business, Lorraine has gained tons of experience designing and staging homes throughout Hampton Roads.

Her latest project: Autumn Woods, luxury townhome condominiums located in Chesapeake, Virginia. To showcase the beautiful model at their event on December 6th, Lorraine chose the theme, Farmhouse Chic.

Explaining the theme, she says, “It’s a little rustic, a little fun, and a little funky. “I grew up in South Carolina where low country design was very popular. It has a very ‘kick your boots up’ kind of feel. So when designing this space, we wanted to keep it casual and keep it simple. To do that you’ll want to use nice, clean lines with galvanized iron and rustic woods.”

Before you get your country on, here are a few basic tips for every home:

  1. Declutter- this is the most important starting point. People need to be able to move around the home easily without bumping into pictures or furniture or home accessories. “You don’t want people to feel like everything is closing in on them,” Lorraine says.
  2. Fresh Paint- You’ll want to give your home a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color. Lorraine used “Agreeable Grey,” a Sherwin Williams hot color, on all three floors of the Autumn Woods model home. The color matches pretty much anything and is the perfect starting point for her “Farmhouse Chic” theme.
  3. Clean your entire home from top to bottom- If you can’t make it sparkle and shine all by yourself, then go ahead and hire someone to help you. It will be worth the money, Lorraine says. You should also be sure that you’ve neutralized all the smells inside your home. To do this, invite someone over that hasn’t been into your home recently and ask them if it smells ok. It’s the only way to truly know, Lorraine says.

Once you’ve cleaned and painted, you’ll be ready to stage or decorate your home. For a simple, yet harmonious look and feel, all while keeping within the budget:

    • To get that “Farmhouse Chic” look that everyone’s talking about, try staging with galvanized iron, burlap, or shiplap. You could also paint an old accessory (such as a wooden mirror), then sand it down to give it a more distressed look.
    • Everything in the room should fit together in agreement. Nothing should make your pulse start to race, and you don’t want any one accessory to be too obvious or in your face.
    • You don’t have to have expensive taste to have good taste. If you like something, buy it!
    • Design each room around a piece that really speaks to you. Whether it’s a comforter or an accessory, use it as a focal point.
    • Mixing and matching your price points can help you save a ton. Don’t be afraid to purchase an expensive item or two that you’ve fallen in love with. To make up for it, accessorize the rest of the space on a budget.
  • If you own or want to purchase something that isn’t the right color, don’t be afraid to paint it. “I always say that you have nothing to lose by painting an item. And if you don’t like the new color, then paint it again,” Lorraine says.
  • Spend more on the home furnishing that you’ll use on a daily basis. For example, you should spend more on a kitchen table that you use every day than on a dining room table that only gets used a few times a year. “If you’re going to use it day-in and day-out, then you need to make sure it’s a good, high-quality piece of furniture,” Lorraine says. Everything else can just be eye candy.
  • Pull the look together using fresh flowers of your choice. When buying flowers from the grocery store, always look at the tag to make sure you’re buying the freshest flowers available.

Lastly, harmonize each room. This basically means don’t forget all the finishing touches. “Tuck in your sheet so you don’t see them underneath the comforter, don’t leave the toilet lid up, pick up the mail off your kitchen counter, don’t leave dishes in the sink, stuff like that.” Lorraine said. The room will have a tranquil and inviting feeling once everything is in harmony.

Want to see Lorraine’s Farmhouse Chic look for yourself? Join us and Summit Construction at Autumn Woods on Saturday, December 9th or Sunday, December 10th for an open house, including pictures with Santa. Located at 401 Charleston Rd. right off Cedar Road, these beautiful luxury townhome condominiums are a step above the others when it comes to quality and craftsmanship.

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